Electrifying Excitement: The Formula E Prix Unleashes High-Octane Racing Action!

Formula E is making history by bringing its electrified racing action to the streets of Hyderabad, India for the first time. It marks an exciting moment for the country as it embraces all-electric motorsports. The renowned Mahindra Racing team will take the lead in their home race, where drivers will engage in thrilling wheel-to-wheel battles. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating experience as Formula E showcases the most electrifying form of motorsport on Indian soil.

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Setting the Stage:

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Decor Beyond Imagination:

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Structural Brilliance:

In addition to our  remarkable decor, we excelled in the execution of structural elements within Ace Lounge. Our team of skilled professionals seamlessly integrated temporary structures, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics. From stage setups and seating arrangements to innovative spatial designs, every aspect was meticulously planned and flawlessly executed.

Mastering Electrical Work:

Fifth Avenue Event Management’s expertise extended to electrical work, ensuring a seamless experience for guests. With a keen eye for detail and adherence to safety standards, we managed the complex task of providing adequate power supply and lighting throughout the venue. The team’s proficiency in managing electrical installations and equipment placement was instrumental in creating an immersive atmosphere.

Unparalleled Event Management:

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