Public Meetings

Public events are typically larger and call for a deep understanding of natural foot traffic, a strong signage plan, and line management to prevent attendee frustration.

What makes our public event planning skills different? We have a history of creating experiences for crowds greater than 20,000 attendees in extreme heat to 7,000 running to raise money for a small non-profit in the middle of the night. We can consult on public permits, name-act entertainment, ticket management, staging, etc.

Beyond standard public event services we also specialize in the following -

  • Outdoor events that are responsive to environmental elements
  • Permitting in both urban and rural communities for large group gatherings
  • Public ticketing / assigned seating
  • Parades
  • Sporting events
  • Festivals
  • Ribbon cutting
  • Culinary events
  • Commemorative events
  • Event marketing
  • Production management of marketing materials
  • Attendee acquisition
  • Advertising planning and purchase
  • Earned media outreach
  • Media partnerships