Product Launch

Product Launch Events created an executed with a Zing of style.

Product Launch - Watching a commercial on television announcing the launch of a new product like the introduction of a new gaming console or a new soft drink introduced by a branded company creates a need in the minds of the viewers to try the product. How is this want or need created? The answer is simple, by an effective launch of the product or brand.

Launch of any product need not be only in the form of advertisements. They can be introduced to the commercial world through small or big launch parties or conferences or press meets.

In today's competitive world such launches are extremely important for the promotion of the product launched and also a very important marketing strategy. A product launch is an historic occasion for a brand where its product makes a debut into the market after months of hard work by the staff involved.

We, at Fifth Avenue Event Management, comprehend the importance of the launch and are aware that such occasions are very close to the heart of the companies and its employees.

While planning a product launch, we understand the need of the company to raise the product image well above its competitors and create a permanent mark on the minds of the people through the launch. The event managers and executors at Fifth Avenue Event Management are highly passionate and creative for such brand launches . They are trained to manage every aspect of a product launch from the planning stage to the final execution keeping in mind the key points of the product, market to be targeted, image portrayal of the product and your budget with continuous guidance and input from the company.

We know how to efficiently manage your requirements to keep the focus on the message of your product and bringing it to life with our technical know-how and creative styling. Count on us to launch your product with aplomb and create the greatest impact possible.