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The Haldi Function - Best Wedding Planner In Hyderabad

The Haldi Function

Haldi is the pre-marriage ceremony where the bride to be and groom to be are involved in a ritual of the wedding by starting with applying Haldi. It is one of the most fun events of the wedding where the bride and groom are fully covered in Hladi by friends and relatives.

Besides being funful, elders consider it a good start of a new life for them. So it is a mixture of tradition and fun. Haldi’s function is incredibly vibrant and bright as everyone wears shades of yellow colour as their attires. Filled in flowers and happy-ish yellow colour, the event looks the most

But the other thing that makes Haldi more vibrant is the decorations. The Haldi function generally needs a quirky arrangement to match the look of the ceremony. We, as one of the best event managers of Hyderabad, have done many such functions in a top-notch style. Our team has the best
event planners who can design any event into a wonderland. Our creative team understands the theme of Haldi and decorates it in the best manner possible.

We like to give the Haldi ceremony a quirky touch of colours that are not just yellow but some other colours. Pink, green, blue, teal, and orange can be an excellent combination of yellow. We embellish the decoration with beautiful flowers that go with the design. Both natural and artificial flowers can be used for decoration. We also twist the theme a little step-up with event decors and elements like lanterns, backdrops, photo frames, and many others. All in all, we can indeed say that our team gives the best output to make the look trendy merged with ethnicity.

Our company has got the best event managers with expertise in the work for designing events and delivering them to our clients with love.

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