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Sangeet Ceremony - Best Wedding Planner In Hyderabad

Sangeet Ceremony

Sangeet is a pre-wedding celebration that usually occurs the night before the wedding. The word Sangeet means singing together. That describes the entire event. In a sangeet, families from both sides put all their barriers aside by singing and dancing. Sangeet is like a reception, but more fun!

Sangeet is not only celebrated for the union of the couple but also to boost the bond between two families. According to the tradition, females of both families sing and dance. But now, why ladies have all the fun? Hence, even gents participate in singing and dancing. It begins with Mehendi event mostly, and at night it’s turned into a musical night!

Many families conduct Sangeet to be a singing and dancing competition in both families. It’s a fun time before the couple gets united the next day. All the nervousness before marriage can be relieved, and the entire mood is energetic.

Few families choose that night to be a Dhandia night, where the families dance an Indian form called Dhandia. Few select a theme and party according to the theme.  Sangeet needs a lot of decoration to create a party mood. Few choose to arrange a stage where the performers perform. But most events are open, and anybody can dance.

Most families prefer open dances because it’s freer, and there won’t be anyone to judge. Lighting, decorations, and music play a primary role in lighting the mood up. We have conducted many Sangeet ceremonies in many weddings. With the best event planners in Hyderabad, we are thoroughly knowledgeable about Sangeet, and we guarantee
you both the tradition and the fun! To dance is your duty, to make you dance is our responsibility.

Our experts in event managing are masters of creating the mood. All you need to do is leave it all behind and dance! Because dance, is an escape, from everything!

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