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Engagement ceremonies - Best Wedding Planner In Hyderabad

Engagement ceremonies

Engagement is the first of many ceremonies to happen before marriage. It is the ceremony where the couple finalizes their marriage. From a couple, they become fiancés, or to-be-wife and to-be-husband. In arranged marriages, engagement is a ceremony made to fix the match, hence called as, betrothal. Also, betrothals are grand and celebrated with more people than usual.

Engagement usually happens with fewer people belonging to a very intimate circle. Few choose to get engaged in their homes while few choose a lavishing venue. Our team has the best event managers in Hyderabad and is experienced in conducting engagements of any scale. 

Usually, the couples exchange rings, and the families exchange gifts, which is followed by a feast! Engagements are beginning of a new chapter to the couple, and it is supposed to be decorated such. The decorations should symbolize the new, fresh, and first ray of light in their lives as a couple. We understand the difference between each ceremony, and we decorate each event respecting the traditions and what they symbolize. 

Just like in any other event of a marriage, even engagements are done differently in different cultures. Few people don’t even see the need to celebrate such occasion and propose each other with rings. Few respect the significance and celebrate event even after offering and exchanging the rings and celebrate it by conducting the engagement as a party for the union.

All their intimate circle is invited, and they have feast and toast.
But most of the people see it as a custom, and certain rituals are performed to announce the couple as fiancés. They want the event to look traditional, enhancing their culture in all the decorations and arrangements. 

No matter what your choice is, what your definition of the ceremony is, we patiently listen and execute the ceremony accordingly.
Let us embrace new beginnings!

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